Reproducible Research Club 4/7/17

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Here’s the posting for our inaugural Departmental RR meeting:

UC-Denver Department of OB/GYN / Division of Reproductive Sciences Reproducible Research Club Inaugural Meeting

April 7, 2017, 11 am, Research Complex 2, RSS Lecture Room # 3019

Visiting Speaker Tobin Magle of Colorado State University will provide a short lecture on the principles of Reproducible Research at the beginning of the meeting. This will be followed by an “install party” where participants will be guided through installation of (free!) RR computing environment (RStudio) and statistical analysis software (R). These are available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The last third of the meeting will consist of a demonstration of laboratory information handling and statistical analysis using R within RStudio. Note: the RR Club will be mostly “agnostic” in terms of software used. Jupyter notebooks and the use of Python/pandas are also encouraged and welcome!

Please contact Joshua Johnson ( for more information.